Ya’ara Dolev

Ya’ara Dolev

Ya’ara was born in Arad, Israel. Ya’ara started her dance training when she was five, and at the age of 17 began her professional career with different choreographers, among them Anat Danieli and Yael Orni. When Ya’ara was 19 she joined the Bat Sheva Ensemble, after which she worked as a freelance dancer with choreographers Barak Marshal, Rami Levi, Yossi Tmim, Michael Getman and Inbal Pinto. At the same time together with Bat Sheva dancer Amit Goldenberg, she established the DeDe Dance group. Ya’ara and Amit created and danced with their company performing in Israel and in festivals around the world.

In 2008 Ya’ara and Amit established a dancers training program in Bikurei Ha’itim centre in Tel Aviv, directed by Naomi Perlov, and the ‘Sadna’, an advanced training program for professional dancers.

Ya’ara’s achievements awarded her prizes: in 1998 the Adami Prize for performing dancer in the Bangiolet, Paris; in 2007 the Ministry of Culture prize for young choreographers and in 2010 the Rosenblum Arts Award (Tel Aviv).

Since 2012 Ya’ara teaches and creates in Berlin, as a staff member of a number of dance academies, in 2013 Ya’ara created the choreography for a movie directed by Amit Epstein (Germany). Among a number of productions she participated in, Ya’ara choreographed and danced in two Gorlitz Opera House productions in 2014.

Ya’ara is director of the contemporary dance section in the Multy Style International Dance Conference (IMSDC).