Géraldine Chollet

Géraldine Chollet

Géraldine Chollet trained at the Laban Centre (London). Back in Switzerland, she has worked and performed with different companies as a dancer (Cie Jessica Huber, Cie Philippe Saire, Cie Prototype-Status, Cie Gaspard Buma, Cie Fabienne Berger, Collectif Utilité Publique) and as a comedian (cie Emilie Charriot, Cie Alakran). Since 2006, she trains with Ohad Naharin and the Batsheva dance company to teach the movement language GaGa to professionels and amateurs in dance and theatre. She teaches among other places in la Manufacture (HETSR), to the Marchepied, to the Cie Philippe Saire, Cie Greffe, Bern: Ballet and Annexe 36 in Lausanne.

Since 2014, she started her own choreographical works with the piece ITMAR for one dancer and three Tälerschwinger players.