Reut Gonen

.Administrator of Gaga classes at Suzzane Dellale and as a registration coordinator of  Gaga Intensive courses in Tel Aviv

Mover, Vegan and mother of an 11 years old dog                                                                                                                                      

Loves photography ,animals and being in nature. Considers music  to be the top creation of the human race

One of the founders of “Justice for all”- the party for animal’s rights

Spent her childhood and youth as a rhythmic Jimnast  at Kfar Saba’s representative group

Then studied  at the “Hayovel” High scholl -dance major for two years

Reut holds BA in Dance and teaching from “Seminar Ha Kibutzim College”- Dance department. And been teaching dance throughout the last ten years

Nowadays- Reut is part of the administrative and operative team of “Galim” – the Neuro Integrative Medical Centre and  the only floatation center in Israel

Studies the  “Lotus Flower” Chinese Healing  ,at the Vingate institute by Anati teppler and Tzachi Shochat

Her relationship with Gaga began in 2004 and she explores and practices Gaga with great love, in and out of the studio as a physio-philosophy  and a way of life, out of believing that Gaga is the most  precious gift and heeling  frequency that  a human body, mind and soul  can ever receive,  host and be attentive to.

Reut joined the Gaga Team in 2015 as administrator of Gaga classes at Suzzane Dellale Center and as  a registration coordinator of Gaga  Intensive courses in Tel Aviv