Orsolina 28 – Accommodation and Board


We offer the dancers comfortable and technological geodesic domes housed in the natural environment of Orsolina 28.


  • Geodesic domes made of thermal insulation material and placed on wooden platforms.
  • Modern-design bathroom units within walking distance from the domes.
  • Simple and practical furnishing
  • Capacity: There are (up to) 6-person domes (dome’s diameter 6.3 m / height 3.75 m) and 4-person domes (dome’s diameter 5.1 m / height 3.35 m)
  • Standard beds on wooden platforms 
  • Heating and A/C system available in each tent

All meals provided on-site with locally grown produce.

Fee: 485 EUR for accommodation and board from August 24 (afternoon check-in) through August 31 (morning check-out). This fee includes transfers at fixed times between the main train station in Asti and Orsolina28.

Directions: How to reach Orsolina 28

Register for accommodation and board:

Submit your details at this link to register for accommodation and board at Orsolina 28.
Please register for your housing and meals only after you are accepted to the Gaga Intensive in Italy.