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Suzanne Dellal Centre, Gaga Classes

Class times:

Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 19:00 and 20:15

Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 9:00

*The doors to the studio close 5 minutes before each class starts.  Please make sure to arrive early!

(*The Monday and Wednesday morning classes + the Thursday 20:15 class will be mostly in English.  English speakers are welcome in our other classes as well, and teachers will be happy to teach in a mix of Hebrew and English)

Location: Suzanne Dellal Centre, Yehieli 6, Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv (morning classes take place in Studio Suzy in the Batsheva building, evening classes take place in Studio A)

Telephone: 052-8828515

*The subscription is for a specific number of classes within a month-long period. It is not possible to transfer classes from month to month.
**Policy for temporarily freezing membership:
1. In exceptional cases, you can freeze your membership for a period of up to 21 days per calendar year and for no less than a week in each case.
2. Examples of exceptional cases are illness/injury, reserve duty, or a trip abroad. You must provide written confirmation or proof of these circumstances.

Type of subscription Price per class Price Expiration
4 classes 70 ILS 280 ILS 1 month
5 classes 65 ILS 365 ILS 2 months
10 classes 60 ILS 600 ILS 3 months
30 classes 50 ILS 1500 ILS 6 months
50 classes 45 ILS 2250 ILS 12 months
Unlimited entry   450 ILS 1 month
Unlimited entry for 3 months 435 ₪ (per month) 1305 ILS 3 months
Unlimited entry for 6 months 420 ₪ (per month) 2520 ILS 6 months
Class with Ohad Naharin   60 ILS  
Introduction: 1 month of unlimited entry, including Ohad’s class   250 ILS 1 month
Introduction: 5 classes (4 classes +Ohad’s class or 5 regular classes) 50 ₪ 250 ILS 2 month
It is not possible to attend a single class.

** Subscription policy:

-Subscriptions are individual and nontransferable, and they are valid only for the classes at Suzanne Dellal.
-It is possible to temporarily freeze a subscription only for subscriptions that are 3 months or more in length. Participants can freeze subscriptions for a maximum of 21 days per year.
-In case of cancellation of a subscription that is 3 months or more in length, partial refunds will be calculated according to the number of classes already taken (these classes will be calculated at 70 ILS per class).

Studio Naim, Gaga/people

Class times: Sundays at 10:45, Wednesdays at 18:30, Fridays at 10:35

Location: Studio Naim, Salame 46

Price: Please visit Naim’s website for subscription details

Telephone: 03-5188998

Website: Studio Naim

Studio Pure, Gaga/people

Class times: Mondays at 20:30

Location: Pure Studio, Brenner 5

Price: Please call or visit Pure Studio’s website for information about subscriptions to classes at the studio

Telephone: 03-5269006

Website: Pure Studio

Dov Hoz, Gaga/people

Class times: Wednesdays, 20:00

Location: Dov Hoz Community center, Dov Hoz 16 St. Tel Aviv

Telephone: 03-7247910
* Please register in advance.

Suzanne Dellal, Gagadim (Gaga for children)

Class time: Sunday at 17:30

Location: Suzanne Dellal, Yechieli 6

Prices: 1 class- 50 ILS .

1 month – 180 ILS.

Ages: 7-10

Please register in advance via

Shapira Community Center

New! Starting from October

Class time: Wednesdays at 20:30 )with rotating teachers)

Location: Yisra’el mi-Salant St 27, Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Contact and registration: Dana – 03-6873694


Tel Aviv University (The sport hall)

Class time: Thursdays at 20:00 (with rotating teachers)

Location: Goldreich Building, Hall 9 


Single ticket: 50 ILS

10 tickets: 400 ILS ( for Gaga and other classes)

For students and faculty – 350 ILS

Contact: 0747100250

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