Tel Aviv – Gagadim – Gaga classes for children, Suzanne Dellal

Gaga invites children to experience the magic of movement through Gagadim – Gaga for children. The Gaga movement language, developed by Batsheva Dance Company’s artistic director and choreographer Ohad Naharin, offers many benefits for children.  Gaga is inherently connected to instinctive movement, and as a result, it provides children with tools and skills for personal and independent development. The language is known for developing imagination, creativity, flexibility, explosive power, coordination, agility, balance, delicacy, improvisation, humor, and attentiveness to a broad range of sensations.  Classes are taught with attention to each participant and his/her abilities and pace of learning. Gaga encourages the channeling of different emotions into a physical experience, in an atmosphere of freedom and the joy of activity, and it strengthens the child’s sense of competence. The work is practiced in comfortable clothes and without mirrors.

The classes are open to children ages 7-10. The classes are taught in Hebrew.  
Sundays at 17:30 in Studio Suzy at the Suzanne Dellal Centre. The classes are 50 minutes long.

  • During October, it is still possible to attend trial classes at a cost of 60 ILS per lesson.
Please register in advance via