We are excited to announce that we are partnering with ilDance and have launched a Swedish branch of Gaga! ilDance’s Lee Brummer and Israel Aloni will work in close cooperation with Gaga Movement Ltd. and Swedish Gaga teacher Emma Rozgoni to coordinate, initiate, and facilitate Gaga activities around the country.

ilDance has been initiating and operating Gaga activities in Sweden for the past few years. Other initiatives and activities have also been coordinated by AnnaReet Gillblad and Emma Rozgoni as well as other individual Gaga teachers.

Now that ilDance is the official Swedish branch of Gaga, they will coordinate and facilitate activities in the country, working with the abovementioned individuals and many others. We at Gaga Movement Ltd. look forward to building upon the activity that has been generated throughout Sweden and to working with both existing and new partners to expand and enrich Gaga activities across the whole of Sweden.

To find out more about upcoming Gaga activity in Sweden, visit  ilDance’s website

To bring Gaga programming to your area in Sweden, contact Lee and Israel at: [email protected]