Work Instructions

We work continuously: The class is one session without pauses, based on a series of overlapping instructions. It is important not to stop while the teacher is giving instructions or in the middle of the session. This allows us to develop our ability to listen to our body while receiving the instructions. If need be, you can always play with the volume of your effort, but without losing sensations that were already awakened.

Layers of information: Each instruction is added to the previous one, layer upon layer, and we continue to attend to the instructions already introduced – and to their impact on our bodies – throughout the duration of the class.

Listen to the body before you tell it what to do: Gaga’s instructions guide us to first listen to the body and to discover its range of sensations. We listen to and work with gravity, the flow of information and energy through the body, textures of the body, and the layers of skin, flesh, and bones. We encourage you to connect to pleasure as you move and to find pleasure especially during effort (effort is different than pain).

We work with our eyes open: We give ourselves the license not only to listen but also to watch and imitate the teacher. You are invited to be inspired by the teacher and by other people in the room. Please be aware of people around you and the space that they need. Additionally, keeping our eyes open during the class strengthens and develops the brain.

Speaking: If you have any questions or remarks, please save them for after class, and then you are welcome to speak with the teacher and other participants. Make sure to turn your phone off before class.

Classes start on time: It is advised to arrive 15-20 minutes early. There is no entry for latecomers.

Injuries and illness: If you have any limitation, restrictions, or physical pain – permanent or temporary – talk to the teacher before the class starts. The only pain welcome in Gaga is the burning sensation in our muscles.  

We work without shoes.

We will be happy to hear any thoughts you have about your experience.